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How do I earn Club Wowcher points?

Instead of redeeming your wowcher with the merchant you may redeem it towards another deal or redeem for Wowcher Wallet Credit below.

For more information please visit Wowcher Wallet Credits.

Merchant Area & FAQ's

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How works for your Business

Wowcher is a website offering daily deals which allow a customer to buy a voucher (a "Wowcher") which can be redeemed at businesses offering everything from gourmet meals to boat tours and psychic services, allowing the customer to receive the goods and services at discounted prices.

Businesses pay nothing up front to participate. We negotiate with you the amount that you will receive for any Wowchers redeemed at your business.

People love deals and love to spread the word around; they have a strong motivation to share the deal with their friends. Wowcher takes advantage of this generation's tendency to forward people information using email, Facebook or Twitter; they are used to consuming information this way.

Sample Wowcher Ideas


With dining such a popular social activity, restaurants and bars stand out as the most popular weekly line-up of Daily Deals.

We want to offer wowchers on everything from fine fixed-price cuisine to more casual fare, from Chinese to Italian and Sushi, in the city and the suburbs.


There will be no better way to fill your venue than with Wowcher. We are passionate about cultural events, sports outings and West End productions.

With Wowcher you can showcase your museum collection, musical, magic show, and concert or sports event.

Health and Beauty

We will feature wowchers on services ranging from luxurious spa treatments such as pedicures and massages to dental cleanings and colonic hydrotherapy treatments.


Whether it's for a sailing excursion or personal training session, a rock-climbing adventure or tennis lessons, Wowcher offers a tremendous opportunity to attract customers interested in invigorating their active lifestyles.

We are happy to consider any exciting activity for inclusion as a wowcher.


Wowcher offers a great opportunity to a host of service businesses. Car care, bike repair, cooking classes and wine tasting wowchers will feature the best of the best and innovative new offerings.

User Demographics

We find that the average customer's spend will be 60% greater than the face value of the wowcher.

A survey shows that 50% of Wowcher target customers go out 2 or more times a week.

Further research suggests that:

  • 72% of Wowcher purchasers are Female
  • 64% are aged between 18 and 34
  • 22% aged between 35 and 44
  • 47% are single
  • 33% are married
  • 77% are in full time employment
  • 49% earn over £38k a year

Frequently Asked Questions For Businesses

Q: When will I be featured?

A: Wowcher reserves the right to feature anything in our pipeline at anytime - just in case there are time-sensitive deals that come to our attention at the last minute. However, you can set the Opening Date (the earliest date at which a deal will be featured) and the Closing Date (the latest date at which a deal will be featured). We use reasonable endeavours to contact you at least 48 hours before we feature your business to be sure that you are available in case any questions arise.

Q: Who does the write-up? Can I suggest talking points?

A: Wowcher takes care of all the copy. If we're interested in featuring your business, we pre-screen the business to ensure it's Wowcher worthy. We can incorporate existing reviews from other blogs, websites, magazines, or newspapers. If there are specific or unusual points you would like to include, you are more than welcome to suggest them to us.

Q: How to redeem my vouchers for payment?

A: It's really straightforward; you simply head to our website and login using the login details that we provide. All you need to do is enter the wowcher code and click 'redeem'.

We have weekly payment runs. All vouchers that you have both (1) redeemed/validated; and (2) sent us the required proof of postage or ATOLs/booking confirmations (if applicable) by 14.00 on a Wednesday will, subject to English bank holidays, be processed in the next payment run. Payment should clear into your bank account within 10 business days. Payment to international bank accounts may take longer. All payments will show as having come from ANMFS Ltd.

An alternate way to redeem is to download a QR code reader app on your smart phone (we recommend 'i-nigma' as it's compatible with most smartphones), this will allow you to scan the QR code on the printed wowcher and automatically redeem it.

Q: Can I get the mailing list from you so I can use it later?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to share our mailing list with you.